Ender 3 v3 SE - some observations


I have had an Ender 3 v3 SE printer for about a month now. I’ve done some printing already and generally everything works fine. A couple of details are worth noting though:

  1. the Auto PID option works fine initially, but when it gets to the end it signals that the bed temperature is too low, the system locks up, starts squealing and the only thing to do is to turn the power off. I don’t know if this is my mistake or the programmers. If even the temperature is too low - it should probably signal this error and leave the initiative to the user.

  2. What do the two icons in the middle column (between the temperatures and the fan and Z-offset) mean. The manual does not explain this.

  1. What does the option “disable stepper” actually do .The manual does not explain this either.
  1. In my opinion, it would be nice to have an option to disable that loud beeper; the control would probably be secure enough without it. On the other hand, I think an audible indication of the end of printing would be useful. I think this would not be particularly difficult to improve in the next firmware version.



Another CEV3SE user here, mine is two months running.

Any specific configuration, never seen this on my prints.

% of Speed velocity and % of Extrusion

It ammm… disable the stepper motors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So you can move manually the axis if you want. For example depending on how your code finish a Job the bed goes upfront and could be locked there. If you want to move it back by hand you select first that option to do it

You can add the beep in the end Gcode of your slicer too.

Thanks for the quick response.

Re.1 I had no configuration. There was only SD in the printer and I wanted to see what this Auto PID was really doing. And then it behaved as I described.

Re.2a I don’t understand. Isn’t “speed” and “velocity” the same thing? What does it actually mean in this machine?
Re 2b Also unfortunately I don’t understand. This icon always shows 100% - even after retraction when there is no filament at all.

Re 3. Clear. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Re 4. Good idea. As far as I know this machine uses the G-code Marlin “dialect”. But there I didn’t find the command to disable this beeper either. BTW. Where can I find the G-codes accepted by this particular machine?




I’ve overlooked M300 - Play tone. Sorry.


If in your slicer settings you are printing at let’s say 180mm/s, when you start the print and go to the Tune option while printing you can adjust the % of the speed meaning 100% = 180mm/s

Not rocket science, less percentage less speed based on the slicer configuration, more percentage more speed based on the slicer configuration.

Same thing as above but about the extrusion rate configured in the slicer.

Thanks for the explanations.

BTW If it was all described in detail in the user manual I wouldn’t have to bother anyone. :slight_smile:

Not bothering anyone, that’s the purpose of this forum. Please don’t hesitate in ask any other questions or issues if you have.

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Following your suggestion, I decided to add a sound to the gcode to signal the end of printing. Somehow it works, but strangely. I added the following sequence at the end of gcode:
M300 S220 P1000
G04 P1000
M300 S440 P1000
The effect is that the machine makes two sounds with the same frequency. Furthermore, if the duration of the sound and the pause is shorter (for example, 200ms; I have done various experiments) - the machine does not “notice” this at all. Therefore:

  1. where and what mistakes am I making (if it is my mistake)?
  2. where can I find a list of gcodes and mcodes with their interpretations by this particular machine (not a general one - such as Marlin for example)?
    Thanks in advance,

Can we talk further into ‘Disable Stepper’ It seems as though sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. That makes me think there’s more to it then just press it and you can move the bed.
And while I’m at it, can I please get a detailed user guide? The most I’ve got on forums is “Google it”. Which is just a waste of time and I’d rather get it straight from the manufacture.

If you press it, you can hear a very light click sound on the motors and then you can move by hand the bed for example.

In the moment you move to another feature like Move, Temp and so from the screen menu. The motors engage again and you will not able to move it.

OK, thanks. I’ll be away from my printer for a week or so, but will try when i return. Any ideas about if there are times when it wont disable the steppers?