Ender 3v2-Sonic Pad-Sprite Pro-CRTouch- Cura

Hello, first post. I am having a hard time keeping any kind of consistent print quality, if any. My setup is as listed in header. I’m sure others have this same set up. Once I tram, z offset and Mesh level, I don’t think any of this saves, as the nozzle seems to be in a different Z, either scraping the plate or dropping filament from a height. This is getting frustrating. And with so much information on all different sites, I don’t know if I’ve overkilled it. I wish there was just one solid site to give setup information. I feel like I just need to start from scratch with a setup

Hi @yomonk1 and welcome to the forums.

If you are finding that the Z offset is not being correctly stored you can usually force a save of settings via the web UI interface. Open your web browser and enter the IP address of your Sonic Pad, you will then see the control interface. Next to the Z offset adjustment buttons you will also see a Save icon which will allow you to save any Z offsets you have applied.