Ender 3V3 KE cannot stop and restart print

A few days ago I got the new Ender 3v3 ke: I am really astonished how fast this device is.
Print quality is also really good.
But I wanted to insert a nut in one of my prints and till now I didn’t find a way to stop and restart the machine.
I tried inserting M25 (which worked perfectly on Ender 3v2): the machine stops, but I couldn’t find a way to restart. Neither on the LCD nor on Creality Print via WiFi.
I tried with M0: it stops definitively
I even tried with M600: it stops but again I cannot restart it.

Hi @horst and welcome to the forums.

I have not used the KE myself but I do have a K1 which runs very similar firmware. I would recommend trying to use the PAUSE command instead of M600 as I believe the firmware is configured to use PAUSE and not M600.

Thank you.
What do you mean by PAUSE command?

If you are unable to make the printer pause and then resume at that layer you need via the printer interface then you could slice the file, open the sliced Gcode file, search for the layer number where you want the pause and insert a new line with PAUSE

This should make the printer pause when it gets to that layer allowing you to insert the nut and in theory the printer should then allow you to resume from the control panel interface.

Sorry, but in Creality Print app (which is delivered with KE) I cannot find the PAUSE command.
Can you tell me what G-code commands are inserted when you choose PAUSE?

There is no setting within the slicer for pausing a print. You would usually pause the printer via the control panel on the printer itself.

As mentioned in my previous post, if this is not possible for any reason then you should be able to edit the gcode file after slicing using a text editor to insert a PAUSE at the layer you wish it to stop, however, if you are saying that you cannot pause or resume from the control panel then this may not be an option.

Now I understand what you mean.
It is very difficult to determine just watching at the print when is the right moment to PAUSE. Usually I can only determine exactly when it WAS the right moment, i.e. too late because the printer is covering the area which should have accepted the nut.
When I printed with Ender 3v2 I inserted at the exact point in the G-code the M25 command and everything was OK.
But now with Ender 3v3 KE the printer stops at the right moment but I didn’t find any way to restart it.

It definitely sounds like the printer is not understanding the M25 command. Bear in mind that M25 only applies to SD card based prints so this might be whats causing the issue for you.

Try swapping out the M25 command for PAUSE instead, you might find that will work.

Alternatively make note which layer the covering starts when you slice the file and hopefully that way you will have a better idea of when to pause the print if doing it manually from the control panel of the printer.

This makes me think I made a wrong purchase.
About 10% of my prints needs to be stopped.
If it is a 30 minute print once in a while your solution may be acceptable but shurely not for a 10 hours print.
I don’t have the time to waste near the printer for more than half an hour.

All printers tend to operate in this fashion it is not just a Creality thing. When it comes to inserting parts in to a print you would have to be present to do so as the printer cannot do it itself. The other issue is if you were to leave the printer paused for too long then the printer will go into a safety mode where it will shut off all motors and heaters, if the bed were allowed to fully cool you run the risk of the print becoming detached from the print bed in turn causing the print to fail. So therefore unless you are in front of the printer when you need to insert the part there is no benefit to having code in the file to pause the print as you could just do it via the control panel interface instead.

You are absolutely right.
Actually when I worked with Ender 3v2 I didn’t stay all the time in front of the printer. But I was in the same room and programmed the G-code to send several beeps and so I knew when I had to assemble the insert.
Unfortunately Ender 3v3 KE doesn’t stop and restart but just now I found that it also doesn’t send beeps!
I contacted Creality support and hope they will find a solution.

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There is a possibility that there is a beeper in the printer screen but its not currently being implemented. As time progresses these sort of things will likely become programmed in as a lot of tweaks made to firmwares are generally based on user feedback :slight_smile:

To pause use OrcaSlicer and on the right when in Preview mode, slide the slider on the right down until the layer you want to pause. Right click on the plus sign and select “Add Pause”.