Ender 5 Pro Bed Adhesion Issue for Print Only

Not sure this will apply to your machine but I had similar (major) 1st layer adhesion issues. Even with auto calibration and manual Z adjust my 1st layer consistency was 50/50 hit or miss and it baffled me (because I’m new to this type of printing). I tried temp of nozzle and bed, Z adjust, speed, flow…basically everything. Then @jimandyen and I got to chatting in a thread I started and (thankfully) posed the bed level question. I didn’t even consider this aspect because I thought “auto calibration” with a sensor should be spot on, right? Wrong.

Check out this post: Stil having first layer issues. Not sure what next - #14 by Lensman

I found my Y level was off by 0.5mm even with auto bed level and auto Z adjust. I shimmed the Y and now, while not perfect, my first attempts with the shim have consistently stuck. There is still an issue with Y because you can clearly see the difference in my photo where the adhesion is much less.

I (we) all know how frustrating this is, especially for a greenhorn like me, so I just though I would share this in case it applies to you too. Good luck & hang in there! :smiley: