Ender V3 KE massive clog


I had my first KE 3 weeks ago and got a huge extruder clog that spread right up into the inside of the print head and I had to send it back. I’ve had my 2nd KE for a week and the same thing has just happened after 10 or 12 perfect prints.

A massive ball of PLA formed around the extruderand spread up under the silicone cover. It had been running for 45 mins and I found the start of the print off the side of the print bed, with a big blob of PLA on it and brown staining. I’m just about to clean the extruder and replace the nozzle.

What is causing this massive clog and how do I fix it?

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A couple reasons that I know of that will cause a leak.

Check the screws holding the hotend. Constant heating and cooling can cause them to loosen.

Also the nozzle needs to be put in while the hot end is heated up.

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When checking the screws holding the hotend, does the hotend need to be heated up, or can this be done while at room temp? Thanks!

That part doesn’t need to be heated.

Put the nozzle in or out with the heat ON.

You’re a star! One of the screws was loose!

Printer now running fine. I have also increased the bed temp as I was getting some model shifting as well.

Annoying that I am going to have to tighten these screws after every 7th or 8th print, and hopefully Creality can fix this issue with their next model.

Thank you :slight_smile: