Ender V3 SE Stops Printing mid print

Hi, recently my printer has started to stop printing during a print. Sometimes early in the print, sometimes half way through. I’ve replaced the nozzle, cleared the tubing and even replaced tubing in the extruder. When it does stop, I try to retract, and the filament struggles to release and I even have to pull it apart to clear the dried filament from the extruder tubing and nozzle end. Any ideas??

any messages on the screen at all, does it stop and say its completed or just stops pushing filament

Hello @JoeyC …! :wave:

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What filament and temps are you running…?

I’m using both PLA & PTG. Pla at about 215 and Ptg at about 230.

It keeps moving around as if it is printing, but the filament no longer comes out.

Watch your temps…

Try the PLA at 220°C
PETG at 250°C

When you retract make sure the retraction temp matches the filament… If you retract PETG @ 220 it might cause a problem…

Just some things to check… :+1: :upside_down_face: