Ender3 V3 SE bed overadhesion

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a Ender 3 V3 SE, and it’s virtually impossible to detach the printed files, especially if they are small. The coating of the bed detaches itself if I try to use brute force (picture added, second bed already).

It seems to be a known issue, although I can’t find a satisfying answer.

I’m currently trying to increase the Z-offset little by little, and see if it comes from it. Any ideas ?

Hello @Wynock

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Wow that’s really sticking… :frowning:
Is that PLA…?

Just wondering because using when using PETG I use adhesive to keep the filament from sticking as it will really stick to a PEI bed.

I know this sounds weird but you might try to use adhesive to keep it from sticking…

Yes it is PLA. I’ve seen this solution, and this is the next I’m gonna try.
For now, raising the Z-offset by 0.03 seemed to work just fine. I need to test it again on smaller parts.

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Sorry your bed got tore up… :frowning:
Let us know how that works on the smaller parts… :+1:

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Ok, so it seems to work way better with the Z offset.
I’ve used hair spray as “glue” (it’s all I have RN), which usually works just fine, and it didn’t change much. I’ll keep trying though.

Thanks for your help !

Heat the bed to 80 and PLA comes of so much easier. I was having the same trouble and then brought the bed temp up and it comes off. I’m also using an exacto knife tip to just get under the PLA I want to come off.

I had the same problem. Best way I could find is get a flat exacto knife and just scrape it off.