Every few lines gaps will happen

I’ve tried countless settings in prusa slicer to try to fix but nothing works. Recently my Extruder has stopped working so I replaced the cable for the extruder (I have a direct drive for the Ender3 V2 Neo) And that made it work but now I cant seem to fix quality issues for my 3d prints. Its weird put every about 10 lines on a print gaps will start to happen seemly without fail. I have checked retraction, Extruder Settings, and every other settings that makes sense (At least that I could find in the sonic pad or in Prusa slicer) I have even tried different Filaments, Nothing seems to work. My Printer has a Direct Drive, Dual Z Axis Rods, and the sonic pad. I have tried to recalibrate everything and it still does not want to work. Please help me.