Exhaust fan, light, and auto shut down do not work on Falcon Pro 2

Unit seems to function well except exhaust fan, light, and auto shut off if opened does not work. Any ides how to solve this issue.

Can you check if they are all plugged in? They have JST connectors which can come loose easily during transport. Also there are two small switches on the left and right for the light and the fan.

Checked both are plugged in. Changed switch positions neither worked. Is there a third or perhaps fourth connector I am missing? Thank you.

I have the exact same problem with my new Falcon 2 Pro.

Just set everything up, and all is working fine except Light and Exhaust Fan.
I have plugged in both JST connectors as per the manual, but I have noticed there is a loose cable dangling right below the lights connector. Is this normal?

@pennyman Have you been able to solve the issue?

Thanks a lot!