Explination? KE Bed Level!

I’m at my whits end with my V3KE bed leveling and can not figure out what is going on. I (auto)level the bed and set the Z offset perfectly, do a test print and it comes out very acceptable with the expected variance. Then I start a flat 111x138 print and the first layer comes out like this!

The machine is not compensating for the obvious slope of the bed and apart from auto leveling I can’t do a thing except for maybe putting a shim washer on the attaching bed screw in the upper left which I should not have to do.

The prints come out very nice with no major issues, it’s just that I can’t level this bed and make it stick.

Should I request a new bed, try to shim with washer, send this one back too or what?

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How far out is your bed? Have you got the visual graph from creality print? Mine is out on the same corners but it does compensate, I think mine is over a millimetre out.

I know it looks like everyone else’s but it is not compensating the way it should be. Now to be fair I have had some consistent first layer tests but I can’t figure out why it’s not compensating especially when I don’t mess with anything.

It seems as if I print a washer and place it on the screw in the upper left then it should level the actual bed better.

If you are using Creality Print shouldn’t it compensate when you click this…?

Oh man, I was under the impression that did a new auto calibration before each print! Why would Creality have that as an option anyway if it compensates for their warped beds and makes the first layer better? Makes zero sense to me. I’m reprinting the piece now… Let’s see if that works :thinking:

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Ok so I checked the “Print Calibration” box and this is what I got (ignore the dark lines as I shot it with light coming through a screen window):

So my question remains: Why do you need to tick a box for the best quality possible. Shouldn’t that be the default? And under what circumstances wouldn’t anyone want a good first layer?

AND…THANK YOU! :+1: :grin:

I may have been too excited too soon because I just did another print with it on and it changed the Z offset and the by +.3 and it fell off the bed! What’s going on with that? Is the Offset also changed (which is what I thought to begin with)? :confused:


I ended up leveling my x axis using the brace up top instead of the bottom like the tutorial video shows. I think with how flimsy the bed plate is getting it level is difficult. Then I did an auto cal. I was having huge throws in the -1.5 range. I picked the lowest side anda aded washers under the spacers. Also to note if you took the build plate off the shorter spacers go to the back

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I have 3 spacers of the same length and 1 short one. The short one goes where the sensor is, front left.

Interesting. I have 2 14mm and 2 16mm on mine I figured one of them atleast went to the cable holder for the heated bed. The other short took me a while to figure out because I didn’t pay attention when I took it off to level the bed.

So on the same model machine you have a different spacer setup than @Bonfireman ? I would think that’s a bit unusual regarding QC. Now I’m curious about mine.

I shall have to double check this now. I know that the SE bed is put on with Philips crosshead screws and the KE with socket cap, don’t know why, its the same chassis.

i am having trouble getting my bed to lever right. the cord to the hotbed at the back left is the screw supposed to go through the bracket of it or not?

The bed screw goes through the cord bracket on mine.

how the spacers are too big for the screw? let me rephrase that. the screww goes through the bracket but the spacer is too long and you cant screw it down

Can you post a photo of your issue for us?

I have the screw through the bracket and the spacer, and i am unable to screw it down into the plate. only way i could get the back left to screw down is push the cord bracket to the side.

oh man) place the spacer inside so the “pie” will look like this from the top:
(2)cylinder (spacer) - here check if the cylinder is the shorter one.
(3)this “thing” with cabels

Thank you got the spacer in but the level still is off.

This is the V3 KE bed?

Yes it is. Still having trouble with bed leveling and I tried everything I can think of