Falcon 2 20w lightburn need some help getting started...please?

Hi there.

Sorry if my questions may seem dumb - just starting in this wonderfull world!
If there is a topic that covers this (which I couldn’t find), please don’t hesitate to point me there.

So I just received my brand new and shiny Falcon 2 20w and I’m trying to set it up in LightBurn. I’ve imported the machine config included on the SD card.
I’ve seen many places the use of libraries to give all the right settings for various material.
Q1. Are library necessary?
Q2. Where can I get my hands on one?

Also, are there good documentation on how to properly setup Lightburn for my specific printer? I find a lot out there, but nothing specific to the Falcon 2 20W.

Any help is appreciated!

Many thanks,

I formatted the ad card to copy the firmware update and now I don’t have the files to set up light burn.

Hello @Zolt ,

Welcome to the Creality Forum where hopefully someone can help you out.

I found this but I don’t know much about it yet. Maybe it will help you… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lightburn Library Tutorial

You can also get help from the Lightburn community on their forum:

Lightburn Forum

Hey there @enriquem50. Welcome to the Creality Forum.

Sorry you lost the data on your card. You might try to send a message to support with purchase info, serial # and anything they might need to verify.


Thanks @jimandyen for the reply.
I’ve seen a couple videos and I think I found most of my answers.
The learning curve - when starting from scratch - isn’t steep, but you need to understand a couple things first, which you can only learn by playing with the engraver a bit, and doing a lot of research…and of course, talking to people like you sharing their knowledge! :slight_smile:

So thanks for taking the time to reply - I’ll be sure to come here often to see if I can also help out!


Let us know how that thing is working. Seems like a pretty cool machine… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe my wife will get me one for Christmas. … :star_struck: Well probably not. Oh well.

Post pics of your setup if you feel like it. I’m sure others would enjoy seeing that… :camera_flash:

Well… So far, I’ve only ran one test to ensure the machine works as expected but it’ll have to wait 2-3 weeks before I can fully set it up in it’s final location. I can’t wait!

BTW, I decided not to wait for my wife to buy it to me as a Christmas present and bought it my self (was 50% off during Black Friday sale) :slight_smile: But I’m sure she’ll be asking for stuff, like she does with my CR-10s 3d printer.
I’ll try to post pictures when I’m fully setup.

Thanks for all your help!

Ha Ha… :star_struck: I know what you mean. Most of the stuff I print has been very useful for her sewing and other hobbies…

I’m in the same boat as you were this past November. I just set up my Falcon 40W and have hardly any clue on where to begin, so I’m looking at this forum to start my baby steps.
I have a printing application for steel, wood, and fake ivory to begin with.