Falcon 2 22W replacement carriage wheel

Had a slight flame-up while cutting some plywood the other day. It melted the lower drive wheel on the laser head carriage. Does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement.

Interesting, I had exactly the same problem and posted about it today:

Yes, well, my carriage will not move at all, really at this point, it more or less hops and bounces.

@c.rodesly Can you suggest the wheels you ordered on Amazon?

Also, what strikes me is that the Falcon is supposed to have fire detection.
If you were beside the unit when it happened (which you should always be!!!), you should have heard an alarm going on, which should have given you time to react before the wheel was on fire…

So did the fire detection not work?
Twice reported in a span of 2 days - I am going to do some tests on mine so I know before it happens uncontrolled!:face_with_diagonal_mouth:

If by fire detection did the little LED light up on the laser head, yes. No alarm sounded that I heard. My work desk sits opposite of the laser so my back is to it. I heard the sound of the cutting / flames that happens whenever there is fire. I spun around and smashed the emergency stop button and pushed the head away immediately, but it was too late.

So, no one knows how to get a replacement bearing/wheel for the carriage?

I have still yet to hear from Creality support. It has been since Sunday.

Good to know (about the fire detection mechanism…), but disapointed!

@c.rodesly did order replacements from Amazon - I think they are pretty much “standard” - same as for 3d printers.

I found a couple on Amazon by searching for “rubber wheel 3d printer”.
I know for a fact that my Creality CR-10s 3D printer has the same wheel size, if that could be a reference when looking at the descriptions to konw which to order.

EDIT: Search Amazon for B09QPG7XGR. I know it’s on Amazon.ca, but not sur for .com.
It’s got measurements in one of the pictures - just make sure it matches.

It’s actually not wheels but poulies that are used here in our case, so the reference you looked up for @Zolt are unfortunately not the proper one. The poulies I bought from amazon (France) are actually not quite the same dimensions and shape either as you can see on the pictures but I managed to get it to work by adding plastic whashers because of a shallower bearing and some tape around the central screw because the hole was 6mm instead of 5mm, but as mentionned before I still get uneven lines on the x axis while cutting.

I will try by swapping this white poulie with one of the original one from the upper side of the carriage and see if I get better results. I will let you know how it goes.
Otherwise, I will also contact Creality see if they can send me one original spare poulie instead of trying my luck with everything I can find on Amazon.

As for the fire detection, same here! No alarm sounded just the LED lighting up.
I was constantly keeping an eye on it because of the slow speed/full power settings I set up. When the wood did catch up fire I immediatly pushed the emergency stop, pushed the laser away from the flame and blow a few times over the fire to kill it. I then noticed few seconds later that smoke was coming out from behind the module, that’s how I realized the poulie was actually still burning and melting. did the same to extinguish it, but yeah, no alarm this entire time even with the closed enclosure.

Does anybody have the dimensions of this pully? I can always try 3D printing one if I had a reasonable set of specs.

So, I tested by swapping the poulie positions and I was able to clearly see what was wrong.
There’s is some obvious wobbling of the carriage due to the white poulie not being exactly the same specs as the original.
We must get the exact same dimensions to avoid any problems.
@mgraphman the dimensions of the original poulies are: 5x24x10mm
6mm being the central hole, 24 mm is the diameter and 10 mm is the thickness.
couldn’t find the exact same spec on amazon or elswhere for that matter so if someone has better luck, please let me know.

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Oh! I was sure they were wheels!
Damn - Sorry for the confusion (I’m not near the laser).

…thinking about it - the code to search on Amazon - it did say it’s compatible with the Creality Falcon. Maybe Falcon is different than Falcon 2?

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Well, I’ve used your dimensions and created a replacement. I had to tweak it some and I’m still trying to dial it in so that it is snug, but it appears to be working good enough. I’ll keep you posted. I still would prefer to use an official, probably rubber or higher temp rated plastic, but PLA Pro will have to do for now until Creality Support decided to get back to me, if they ever do.

Sounds great! If you’re ever willing to share your file i’d be very pleased, even though I would prefer Creality to also send me an original poulie.
I’ll message them as well see if we get more lucky by harrassing them :wink:

Yeah, I guess the hardware is quite different on the Falcon

Sure no problem.

I just dropped it onto my Google Drive.

Thanks a bunch! I’ll have a look at it

Please note, the bearings fit TIGHT. I used a heat gun to soften the part before pushing the bearings in. There will be some play on the carriage once installed, but So far, I haven’t had any problems engraving or cutting with the Falcon 2 since I replaced it yesterday.