Falcon 2 40w laser issues

I just got my 40w falcon 2 today. I have the following issues:

-As soon as it powered up it started burning the table. If it doesn’t find my pc on startup the laser fires which is dangerous

-None of the 3 warning lights on the laser head illuminate at any time

-The switch to toggle between 20w and 40w doesn’t respond

-the laser fires during framing enough to burn cardboard. The setting in lightburn to fire when framing is turned OFF

-The laser fires between different cuts ruining the work.

So clearly something is wrong. I just got the unit today so the firmware can’t be that old. I used the supplied lightburn configuration file.

Can anyone help? These things seem quite foolproof on all the youtube videos I see so I’m quite surprised.

Hello @Sablack Welcome to the forum,

I’m really sorry your Falcon is acting up. Maybe someone here will help but it really sounds like a lemon.

Me personally I would return or exchange it if possible.

I’m wondering how easy it is to get warranty. The chat option seems useless. I sent them an email. We’ll see how they respond

Hi, did you get any response? We have just received our machine and it is doing exactly the same thing, as soon as we turn on it starts lasering.

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I got a response. They wanted me to pull off the cover and check voltages on a laser that is firing. I said no thanks. Not comfortable or equipped for that. I asked for a return authorization. They said they will give me one. That was 4 days ago. :roll_eyes:

We cleared the card as suggested and went to put updated firmware to both laser and cutter and it started lasering immediately. No lights at all showing on laser
What country are you located in?

I am in Canada

Hi did you get a new laser? I have the same issue located in germany. It is really dangerous if the laser just starts burning when you do not expect it.

Yes I did. I think the issue was bent pins in the plug that goes to the laser module. Some others have had the same problem.

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That is good to know.
Seems to be a frequent issue.
So the bent pins were on the cable or on the connector on the laser module?
Is that something you might have been able to fix by unbending the connector? (I know that these are fragile, but once connected, you most likely won’t disconnect it)

Hi Sablack,
thanks for your quick answer. This was actually the problem and i could fix it quickly myself.

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Bei mir war es ein defekter pin im Stecker.

Grüße Patrick

Thanks for showing this (a picture is worth 1000 words after all!)

This is a good starter point for new users having this type of issue.

Assembly line problem. I believe I saw a note on the Creality store that each unit is tested before being shipped out??? I wonder what they test!