Falcon 2 Pro 40W Step-by-step setup

Would some of the users suggest the best step-by-step computer setup assistance they’ve found?
I’d like the best guidance on what happens after the laser is assembled and the user is ready to do all the necessary computer steps from the very beginning to the end, prior to actual projects are begun.
In most of the videos I’ve watched so far, there seem to be plenty that just gloss over this quite important step, as if the information should just be transparently obvious and magically happen.
Many unfamiliar terms are quickly mentioned with no in-depth guidance. It’s like the video presenter is speaking Greek and expecting the video watcher to simply understand new terminology and representations. Too many important details are omitted!
Repeating: Where is the best video(s) to slowly and patiently take me through each and every step of the setup?

Have you checked the documentation that is on the SD card that shipped with the unit? There is some documentation on there - it goes through the assembly, firmware updates, etc…

I’d also suggest you check:

Frame squareness

Check this thread for instructions Falcon 2, Frame out of alignment - #4 by jimandyen

All cables for bent pins

This seems to be an issue with many units where cables were “forced” in and resulted in some bent pins. That caused various issues like Laser immediately firing when the unit is turned on, axis not working, …
To do this validation, gently disconnect and visually inspect the pins on the various cables you have access to. If a pin is bent, “politely” un-bend it, but be extra careful as to not break it. Also, be gentle when inserting it back to ensure you don’t bend any pin.

For the rest, I think you’ll have to rely on the various videos you can find on YT - after looking at a couple ones, you should be familiar enough to jump right in.
Next step will be to pickup the software that suites you best (ease of use, and $) to drive your laser, or to generate G-Code files to put on the SDCard. Here, think of LaserBurn ($ but is complete and easy to use) or LaserGRBL (free but I haven’t tried it).

Good luck!

Very kind and helpful response, once again. Thanks so very much. I’ll look into all that you’ve recommended!

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Check here https://youtu.be/uNZV1nexvbU
I made a few videos that may help. From unboxing to setting up drivers and camera to doing material test and using lightburn.

Good luck!

I finally got brave and downloaded Lightburn and found their self-paced setup procedure pretty easy to use, together with the information presented within the Creality SD Card provided (as recommended by Zolt above). I commenced doing a few basic projects of my own within one hour of finishing the software download. Easy Peasy.

That’s the spirit :smiley:
Way to go and welcome to this wonderful world that opens to you now!