Ferret Pro will not connect properly in Windows 10, Scanner Undetected message

I’ve received my Ferret Pro a couple of days ago and despite troubleshooting all weekend I can’t even get it to a stage where I can scan anything in Windows 10.

My PC clearly recognizes that the scanner is connected because the device manager shows up all three camera types when I plug it in

CR-Scan Ferret Depth Camera
CR-Scan Ferret IR Camera
CR-Scan Ferret RGB Camera.

However, the creality software itself doesn’t recognize that the camera is plugged in. I just get a message saying Scanner Undetected. I’ve tried plugging it in all of the rear USB 3 ports, including the USB-C 3.1 and 3,2 ports using the provided adapter.

I tried Creality scan 1.0.14 first, and then moved down the older versions. I haven’t been able to update the firmware as the software for updating the firmware doesn’t recognize that the camera is connected.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if the camera is just arrived broken.

I’m not able to get the phone connation running stable enough answer any questions that people might have about using it either.

Hello @zombies.aaargh… Welcome to the forum.

I just got the Ferret Pro a couple days ago and haven’t had much time to mess with it yet except to make sure it connected properly to my PC with Windows 10.

The only thing I can think of that might be causing your problem could be any virus program you are running. I have Kaspersky and it was asking me all kinds of questions before it let the scanner connect to Creality Scan 1.0.14.

Another minor thing to check is the USB cable. Not all are good at transferring data. Some are best just for charging…

Just stuff to check…
Have a good day…

Oh and there is an on and off switch be sure to check… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did you ever get the scanner to connect…??

After a week Creality got back to me and told me about a not at all obvious privacy setting in windows 10 that blocks camera access without notifying you.

It now connects to my pc, but still nothing on my phone