Filament doesn't grip

Hi, I bought an Ender 3-v2 neo, but the filament won’t stick to the printing table for anything! I’ve changed the temperature, reduced the print speed, cleaned the table, changed the filament, used glue sticks and nothing works. The printer is new, so I still don’t understand what’s going on. Can anyone help me?

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you dont need glue sticks.
what is your Z- value?
have you levelled the bed correctly - this has to be done right, if is done correctly you wont need glue.
if the bed is levelled then your Z- probably needs adjusting, i can guide you through it but suggest watching one of the creality videos to ensure the bed is perfect, take time doing this, you will love your printer more if the bed is setup properly, you should never need to scrape or use blades to get your prints off the bed.



Okay, thank you! I’ve levelled the printing table, even through the creality video, I think it’s all in order. My z-axis is 11.7, and the compensation level is -1.77.

I have the same issue after two weeks with the magnetic bed even if the level looks good and the alignment of all axis the same as you. What helped a little bit was upgrade the firmware and change the bed to glass.

With the glass bed I need to level the bed manually every two prints which is a pain but at least the adhesion issues are less. Temperature in my case is 203/65 and at least I completed my delayed work.

Good luck.