Filament Feeder motor turning too fast and pouring plastic

Second day owning a Ender 3 V3 KE and first problem occured.
I’ve been printing without any issue about 10 pieces using ASA so quite high temperature.
The last piece ended up good but when I started the next one when the nozzle is cleaning before printing it started pouring plastic way too fast, then it started printing but with way too much plastic, like if the feeder motor can only rotate at full speed.
I’ve done the extruding test but if I put 10mm I have at least 20cm long filament coming out.
I have restarted the printer multiple times, changed the filament, used PLA instead of ASA, same problem.
For me it’s like the motor of the feeder lost it capability of feeding at different speeds, it’s just full speed non stop.
It’s clearly not a configuration issue since even the extruding test on the printer does the same.
Seems to me like this printer died after 1 day…
Any suggestions ?

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Not sure if this would be the issue but check the slicer settings to see what the flow rate is… Could be set way too high by mistake.??

Otherwise it sounds like a mechanical issue…

As I said it is doing this even using the Extrude option on the printer itself so completely unrelated to slicing.
But I agree with you it is the flow that couldn’t be regulated anymore or something like that.

I think you are right. Doing that even during a regular extrude means something is not right with the motor or electronics and not the slicer… :thinking:

Do you mean rebooting it or reset to factory settings… I know sometimes it helps to reset the machine back to factory default…

In the menu go to factory reset options…

I’d get down in the motherboard area and check connections to make sure everything is fitted properly. We’ve seen connections that are anything from backwards to loose on even new machines… :cry:

The problem is solved ! I think there was a bug in the printer firmware. I started changing the flow parameter on the printer, it was on 100%. I changed it to 10% to see if it changed something and it did, then I get back to 100% and everything is back to normal. I guess a factory reset would have done the job too. My guess is the flow parameter was stuck in memory to a maximum value (probably even way above 100%) and by chaning it manually it got back to nominal values. Thanks for your help, I think this thread could be considered closed.

Good to hear…! Great…!! :+1:

Thanks for sharing the fix also. It might help someone else who comes across the same problem…