Filament run-out sensor

I connected a Filament run-out sensor on my Ender 3 v3SE to the mainboard (only one place it can be connected), updated to the latest firmware (“Ender-3 V3 SE_HWCR4NS200320C13_SWV1.0.6_GD303.bin”) and the LED in the run-out sensor is lighting and when the filament is finished the LED stops lighting but the printer just continue printing without noticing there is`nt any filament!

What can I do?

The photos on the Creality-website shows Ender 3 V3 KE with a filament run-out sensor mounted. I noticed the Ender 3 V3 SE and Ender 3 V3 KE mainboards are almost identical except the KE has no SD card slot and the USB has moved to the display unit. For me it indicates the filament run-out sensor could be enabled with a firmware fix – anybody have thoughts about this?

It is most likely a situation where the filament sensor side of things is yet to be enabled in the SE firmware, I am sure that Creality will release a new firmware soon that incorporates the filament sensors.

Hello, I’m also interested by installing such optional device, but haven’t found any clear explanation on how to install, support and connect this sensor.
Could you be so kind as to publish here some pictures of installation of this filament runout sensor on your Ender 3 V3 SE printer ?
Could also be usefull for some other member here on the forum.
When looking picture of this optionnal device on Creality Web Store, I’ve seen that the connecting plug is of a 3 pins type. But, on the motherboard the connecting port is a 4 pins type.
Did you have made some electrical modifications to that connection ?

I’ve seen one Creality run out sensor Kit on Amazon, for the Ender 3V3 SE . The kit is equipped with the sensor, the connecting cable and a support braket as on this picture :

Okay, I´m still struggling with the filament run-out sensor! I connected the sensor to the 3-pin female on the board but it does´nt function, only the LED is lighting when filament is present, so I assumed it was a firmware problem. Now I see in the Manual it´s a 4-pin male contact on the board named ”filam”.

This is for the filament run-out sensor.

But all run-out sensors I´v seen has only 3-pins, included Crealitys own. My is just a cheap no-name sensor.

I simply cut of the one ”Wall” on the 3-pin connector so it could go into the 4-pin on the MB.

In a Creality video about the Ender-3 V3 KE we can see only the 3-pin from the left site are used.

I hang the sensor in a elastic band from the filamentRack, nothing special, for now I just whant it to work.

The printer run and the display didnt turn on if there wasnt any filament through the sensor. The machine just stop and display goes off when filament finished. After new filament is supplied the printer start doing its preparations but suddenly this screen came up:

It runs the homing and nothing more. I restarted the printer and this screen showed up:

This is where I´m standing right now, hope somebody have good inputs here?

I just tried again; flashing the display and the mainboard over again but same result. It gets stuck in the screen ”Filaments are running out…”

Even it´s not the original filament run-out sensor I can´t believe it will do any difference, somebody here with experience of Creality´s sensor?

I noticed more advanced run-out sensors also can measure if the filament are running one or the other way and have a return feature besides run-out, they have 4-connectors but it´s not the case here. Perhaps the mainboard is designed for it, because it´s a 4-pins male contact on the MB itself?

For the moment I disconnected the sensor and the printer run normal. (un)fortunately I have two of these printers, so I would be happy to solve this issue!

As mentioned in a previous post…

I would suggest waiting for Creality to put out a firmware that supports the filament runout sensor.

Thank’s @ hyl77Swe for your detailled installation .

What you say cheap-no-name sensor, is an EZOut V2 or V3 filament sensor kit from TH3D (See HERE)

It is noticed that the firmware must be revised (depending which Marlin config firmware the printer have)

On this video HERE, related to the installation of a filament runout sensor on a Ender 3 Pro, you can find an idea on how the firmware have been corrected.

For an Ender 3V3 SE using a GD32F303RET6 CPU, I’ve not yet found the correct Marlin Firmware builds to do something similar. If somebody here knows where it can be found …

It is also stange and not understandable that Creality is selling a runout sensor dedicated to Ender- 3V3 SE and 3V3 KE without supplying the correct firmware and instructions.

Creality has done, and does, a lot of good things but are releasing 3D-printers in a big fast stream, 53 different till now. Perhaps it was an idea to realy work through the printer before You release it on the market! The reputation of Creality could suffer if half-finished machines ships out on market to be sold. I agree what Jude mention (thanks for links too): “It is also strange and not understandable that Creality is selling a runout sensor dedicated to Ender- 3V3 SE and 3V3 KE without supplying the correct firmware and instructions. “

Now I see Creality has taken away the runout sensor from their webshops – its a wise decision I think. The EU-commissioner for these matters can be rather harsh.

Thanks Nikoli! We will continue waiting!

The filament runout sensor is always sold by Creality as optionnal accessories for Ender 3V3SE, see HERE
Always also sold on Amazon by Creality, see HERE

Regarding the dedicated firmware builds for this 3D printer,
I’ve recently contacted the technical development service at TH3D Studio LLC regarding 3D Printer Firmware builds for the Ender 3 V3 SE
The answer was : << We do not have that printer supported at this time. But we do have one on the way to do testing with.>>

We have just to wait a little bit

Thanks for info!

You mean we should buy firmware from TH3D Studio ?

Of cause its a solution (if it was availably) but I realy think Creality

are obligated to supplying the needed firmware.

But please update us when the firmware has come!

I bought those printers to 3D-print, not to have to write code myself or mecanickly/electronic build/change the machines.

Of cause to a certain degree I can and will do it; I actually like to do these things, but my time is limited and many other things need to be done before and after You have a usably 3D-print-out.

Firmwares @ THD Studio are not free but are sold at very low cost.
Cost is arround 5 USD for 3 month update.
But surely we will found one free from MARLIN or by others soon also.