G-Sensor for KE

Just ordered the g sensor for my KE but, it came with a din plug instead of the USB-C. Is there a way to use this on my KE? It appears the Sonic Pad hooks up differently than the KE.

You need to get the correct USB-C cable. Not sure there is a DIN serial to USB-C adaptor, a quick look on Amazon and it would look to be cheaper to get the correct cable and g sensor from Aliexpress. I have both cables, 1 for the KE nebula pad (USB-C) and one for the Sonic Pad, bit annoying the different interfaces.

I got this from AliExpress. They said, rightly, in their description that it is for the Sonic Pad. I was not aware that the two pads connect differently to the g-sensor. Oh, wait, I read further, I can just buy a cable? I’ll bet its more than the whole kit I just purchased,

I think I got the Sonic pad and g sensor with cable together. I bought the second sensor with USB-C from Aliexpress, lots of reading to get the right one, not sure about a separate cable for purchase, might be, so many different cables. Dead easy to get the wrong ones.

The one with USB type C has a microcontroller on it, the one for the Sonic Pad, I have not opened it though, likely just has the sensor and exposes the SPI connection on the pins.

Is that a microcontroller in the sensor? So can’t mix’n’match the sensors?

AliExpress said that they would take them back. Now, I have to find the correct ones.

This one

Thanks B, I just ordered that one and the camera as well

Have you seen this mount? I just stumbled on it moments ago.

Got a different mount on mine for the X axis and the Y axis I drilled and tapped the baseplate, which means a bit of disassembly if I want to run the procedure again. I have 2 nebula camera, 1 for the KE and the other for the SE, think I got mine on Amazon. Still miffed that I can’t use 2 camera at the same time on the Sonic Pad. Next to find a camera for the Anycubic M5s resin printer, but that can wait for now.