Great online box generator for laser cutters

I found this wonderfull tool online during the holidays!
It’s an online box generator. There are quite a few models/types to select from.
It generates a SWG file that you can import in LightBurn - I think there are other formats too, but I only generated one to test out and Wow! Pretty amazing!
Just thought it might be intersting for others too!


Thanks for that link @Zolt
Just looking at all the models makes me want to get a laser cutter. Nice… :+1:

What is a good source of wood or materials for these type of projects…?

The box I did was in 2.6mm mdf. I bought a pack of 5 25cm x 25cm boards at the dollar store (In Quebec/Canada) for dirt cheap. It turned out great.
I’d say if you stick to ~3mm with any type of wood should give you good results. If you use any type of plywood, make sure it’s not full of pocket holes. Besides that, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Good luck and let us know if you get your laser - I was sure you already made the jump :smiley:

Thanks for that info.

I have so much on my plate nowadays.
We’ll see.

I might use that, I have a Snapmaker A350T with a 10W laser, could come in handy, it will cut 8mm sheet so could make some quite big boxes with that. Cheers. :+1:

Just make sure you specify your material thickness in the settings so the “fingers” that hold the pieces together are long enough.