Help from Users of Laser GRBL solicited

I’m in the process of setting up my new Falcon Pro 40W and HAVE YOU USED GRBL to tell me whether I can source small lettering to be etched onto steel? The lettering will need to be chosen from a good list of fonts and sizes, but will need to be no more than 5cm (.25") high.
If GRBL cannot source this size lettering, there’s no use in me even using it and I’ll just default to using Lightburn from the git-go.
I’m just thinking I can probably utilize (free) simpler GRBL more easily, as a new user, in order to complete an immediate objective, then look at ultimately using Lightburn as my experience matures.
This note is no longer applicable. I took the dive and went ahead into the Lightburn software, and have already begun experimenting.