Hopeless newbie!

Hi, complete newbie to 3d printing here and I feel totally out of my depth at the moment!!
Is there a newbie section in here where I can ask the most basic questions and won’t feel like a complete tool?!!! Just done my first print (F1 car from the files on the SD card) and the wheels stuck to the bed and broke off the chassis when I managed to remove it from the bed. They have left a residue on the bed so my ridiculously basic question is how best can you remove models form the bed and how can I clean the residue left off it too? Thanks and apologies!!

The best solution to your issue is to purchase a textured PEI plate, all you have to do then is let the print cool and it will literally slide off.
Check your Z offset to make sure your first layers are good and make sure your bed temperature is within the range for your filament.

Hello @Ytsejam and Welcome to the Creality Forum:wave: Creality

This is the right place to ask. Not a problem as we’ve all been in your place one time or another. We’re all still learning too…

As @Kevin_Eames stated a textured plate is good. As you learn more you can use a smooth plate for some models that need a smooth surface.

I assume you are using PLA…? If using PETG that’s another story. PETG will stick too good and is very hard to get off a textured plate. I use a glue stick for that to help it come off rather than to hold it on…

I use a textured plate and (almost) always clean with ISO (alcohol) between prints. Dish washing liquid Dawn and one of those green plastic scrub pads is good to get most of the residue off.

If everything is set right (Level and Z offset) you shouldn’t have to use any glue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did you use a glue stick or something…? That will leave a residue.?

I don’t think there is a need for a newbie section, unlike places like facebook I think it is pretty safe to ask anything in here. Back to the wheels sticking, if you are using the original PC build plate it will stick pretty hard. Always let it go cold to remove the parts, pulling parts off a hot plate can damage the plate. As these others said get a PEI plate, textured or shiny, I have one build plate that has a weird triangular geometric pattern that makes a nice effect on some prints. You can use any PEI plate, not just Creality, I prefer Fysetc plates find them a little more robust but that might be all in my head. Just so long as it is 235x235 it’ll be fine. Did find a multicoloured glitter buildplate, couldn’t quite see the point when all it does is impart a texture.

Many thanks to all for your advice. I hope it will all become clear to me in due course!! When people say check the Z Offset what exactly does that mean? I’ve done the auto levelling option via the control box. One of the level readings was in blue and all the others in green, is this OK? I am using the PLA that came with the matchine so it should be fine. Thanks in advance for any more help. As an aside, noting the comments about getting a different build plate, do I conclude that the original Creality one that comes on the machine, isn’t a lot of good?!!..
Thanks again and apologies again for basic questions.

The level readings seem fine, mine has a blue box too, prints fine. Z offset, when you set the machine off to print, on the pad there is a tune icon, click on that and on the last tab you should find 5 ± boxes, z offset is at the botttom. Now whilst you are printing the first layer click the -z until the filament is nicely squished onto the print bed.

The original build plate that comes with the SE isn’t as good as the build plates that come with most of their other machines, most come with PEI as standard, guess they are just saving a few pennies.

They aren’t basic questions, they are questions that should be answered in the manual perhaps or at least a decent FAQ online, but they aren’t so that’s why we are here I guess, being helpful if we can.

Hi, many thanks again for your reply and advice. I will try that next time I print when I get home.
It’s all a big learning curve for me! :+1::grin:
P.S. Just ordered a PEI plate!!!

A big learning curve for most of us, I was learning from a university student who had used them in lectures, still took an age to get to grips with it and even screws up when you least expect it. Let us know how you get on with the new build plate.

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