How do i center the printer head

Okay I have now reloaded the firmware back on to the printer, so now i have co,e off the sonic pad as i couldn’t line the printer head to the center.
the pic below is where it thinks it is and when i do a self level it will crash in to the right side on the frame and this will happen all on the right side until

its finished

I read another post where @Nikoli mentioned to another user having the same type of problem was to make sure your sonic pad was set up with the correct size of build plate so it knows where the center is…

yeah i read that one too, wait a minute, its me I couldn’t find it anywhere in the sonic settings, as i would move it to the center and then it would go back to the stop where you see it now in that pic

Did you watch the video that was linked in that post…?

yeah and when it tells you to wind the bed down as far as you came, yeah and its still to far away. i have had it running on the sonic about 3 times thinking i have misted i have taken it off the pad and running as normal, but i can’t get the p/head to the center, wtf and i doing wrong

Are you sure that the printhead is actually centering as due to having a probe on the printhead the printer will always generally put the probe in the centre and not the nozzle as the probe needs to check the bed where it intends to print, if it probed off centre then the printer would not have an accurate reading of the middle of the bed. My E3 V2 acts the same way running Klipper, at first I thought it was configured wrong but then realized it was actually fine.

I believe you can also define the probe offset from the nozzle in the settings, however, in theory the Sonic Pad should already know this configuration info once you selected your printer when setting up.

Okay now i see what you mean and yes now i have sorted.
thanks again, until the next time we meet

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You’re very welcome, glad to hear you have it all sorted :slight_smile: happy printing!