Introduction - Who is this K9WG guy?

I just purchased an Ender 3 V3 KE and have spent the last week learning to use it. This is my first 3D printer so it has been a learning curve. I am an Amateur (ham) Radio operator (as evidenced by the call letter screen name) and live is Greenfield Indiana, about 20 miles east of Indianapolis. I have worked and always had a passion for technology and electronics and current work for a pharma company (retiring an about 18 months). I am sure I will have a lot of questions so until that best wishes.
Rich - K9WG

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Hello there @K9WG
We read you loud and clear… :+1: :radio:

Welcome to the Creality Forum Creality
Glad to have you onboard…

Have fun with your new Ender KE and I’m sure someone here will have an answer for any questions you might have. I’m sure you will be able to teach us something too…

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Greetings to you from another beginner V3 KE user.
I also just get my printer before Christmas and still on first learning path. But just go on and don`t afraid about any failed prints that is also part of the learning curve.
Example my first experience with non Hyper-PLA filaments need to slow down the KE due totally higher speed level that general materials. With pure/cheap filaments I need to slow down to 25-40mm/sec on initial layer and 150-200/250 for additional layer (compared to the speed 600mm/s and acceleration hardware capability 6000mm/s2 ).

Dont forget buy any Creality Hyper-PLA filament and print least one times with the Creality provided Benchy boat gcode from the USB stick (recommended also save those file as backup somewhere else). With that you can see what a great speed advantage of the V3 KE capability.
Note: General printer (Ender-3 S1) Benchy 1h 45min (50mm/s), with Sonic Pad 52min (160mm/s) and Our V3 KE 16min :slight_smile:

My best wishes and lot of happy 3D printing for you.

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Ah Ha - I recognized ham calls last night on the stream. Some guys at the RC flying field I go to are into ham & a friend of mine.

Thanks for the reply. I have been a Ham since 1977 and am active in our local emergency management and radio club. I hope to enhance my ham radio hobby with the 3D printing.
Best wishes - Rich K9WG

I would be curious as to what you make for the Ham hobby. I’ll pass it on to the guys at field. Some of them I’m sure have 3d printers. One guy prints planes, a lot. That’s on my list of things to do but I like to fly fast and take chances that might be a lot of printing :wink:

I really have not had the time to print anything for Ham Radio. I will probably be using it to print boxes for electronic projects and antenna parts. I will be sure to post some pics when I have something to show.
Best wishes.