Is it worth installing Sonic Pad on Ender 3 V3 SE?

Hello everyone

I recently purchased an Ender 3 v3 SE and I would like to improve the performance and printing times of this machine. I have seen that the sonic pad with the use of klipper increases the speed of many machines and improves the printing quality. I would like an opinion from anyone who has installed Sonic Pad on their Ender 3 V3 SE, to find out if it is worth purchasing this product. did you get a significant boost or is it not worth doing this upgrade? To connect the sonic pad do you need the serial adapter or can you also use a USB cable?

thanks for the informations

Hi @Sephiroth986

I dont have the SE but I do have the older Ender 3 V2 and have teamed that up with a Sonic Pad lately. The Sonic Pad is a great upgrade and brings so many extra features to the printer to aid with leveling, calibration and even input shaping calibration to make prints look even better when printed at higher speeds. The Sonic Pad also adds the ability to access and control the printer remotely over wifi giving you the ability to interact with the printer completely wirelessly and via a web browser.

When using the Sonic Pad with the SE you do require the serial cable to ensure communications with the printer are correct.

thank you for your testimony. in the end I ordered the sonic pad together with the usb/serial cable. Do you know if I need to make changes to my printer profile on Orca Slicer? I searched online but didn’t find anything about slicer settings to prepare gcode correctly for klipper.

I have an SE and a Sonic Pad, definitely a worthwhile upgrade but I also have an Ender 5+ connected to it so the cost is shared I guess. Bit miffed you can’t have 2 cameras in this setup.

How much time do you save on average when printing compared to before? Did you make any changes to the slicer after upgrading to clipper? I use orca slicer and I don’t know if I need to change parameters

You are welcome, generally you shouldn’t need to make many if any changes to your start and end gcodes as they should be comprehended by the printer just fine.

Along with the Sonic Pad you will get a USB stick which has several files on it including info on how to configure certain parts of the printer etc :slight_smile:

I’ve made no changes to my slicing. For me the biggest thing was to be able connect to my LAN for file transfers and you can increase printing speed through the web browser whilst you are printing. Before putting it on my Sonic Pad the SE was slower than the Ender 5 plus it is now faster not much of a metric possibly 20% quicker than it was. Main thing is control through a web browser. I have an accelerometer that I set up my Ender 5, I’ve used it on the SE but with less pronounced results.

I installed the sonic pad on my ender 3 v3 se today. I have two main problems: it doesn’t let me manually correct the zoffset. I can only do automatic calibration. as soon as the print ends, the plate moves towards the wall and not towards me. How can I solve these two problems?

Is there a way to stop prints remotely? with creality cloud I saw that I can monitor the webcam via the internet, but it doesn’t make me stop printing.

Thanks for the info.

My V3 SE is connected to the Sonic Pad, what I do is have a 3 wide skirt and use that to manually adjust the Z offset, it won’t offset unless it is doing something hence the skirt, hopefully you can get it dialled in before the main print. Bit of trial and error.

I don’t use the Cloud only Print, I can stop using print. If you can’t access through print then access it through the IP address in a web browser, you can stop the print there.