K1 max filament jam

The filament has been jamming the past few days. I replaced the extruder and the motor, cleaned the heater throat. I have ran out of possible issues. It can’t complete the first layer.

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You need to clean the heater throat (first take extruder apart and of and take the nozzle of) that allows the filament through by heating up a round iron wire and push that through so attached restfilament is pushed out. be careful when doing that. after that the filament will glide through much easier.

You have to use a bigger round iron wire that fits the heaterthroat diameter

I had that same problem last month and it worked for me.

there is a video somewhere to be found as guide

Hello @mattb36 …! :wave:

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Were able to get the extruder unjammed…?

We need to find the cause of the clog otherwise it will keep happening… :thinking:

What temps and filament are you using…?

Hey Matt. Wanted to state that I to was getting jam after jam, over and over on our K1 Max until I upgraded to the Flowtech hotend by Microswiss. Since upgrading I have had no issues… knock on wood

Good luck!