K1 Max LiDAR sensor spinning

Hello I have the problem since Friday that my Lidar sensor is my LiDAR sensor scans only the code on the side and then the error comes as shown in the picture can someone help me?

Hi @jsxttLina and welcome to the forums.

I would recommend checking that your firmware is the most recent version and would also recommend cleaning the bed and barcode to make sure there is no possible debris interfering with the process.

If all else fails I would recommend disabling the Lidar and seeing if the printer operates normally with it disabled.

Also if you could post a picture of the actual error message if there is one on the screen that would be helpful.

everything has been cleaned and it prints normally without the lidar sensor

For now I would continue with the Lidar disabled and I would also recommend reporting the issue to the Support team so that they can follow this up as they may wish to send you a replacement bed/sticker/lidar.

They are currently closed for the Chinese New Year but if you send them an email to get the issue logged on the system they should hopefully get back to you shortly after they return to office. The email address is cs@creality.com

Here is a link to the discussion we had earlier about AI Lidar errors and the sticker it scans…
You might have gotten the same error…

LiDar Calibration Errors

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