KE print fails, why does this happen 4 times out of 10

What am I missing? Bed too hot? Nozzle too hot? I’m using the Creality petg filament. Using standard 230 and 70, as instructed. Are the settings from the slicing overriding any temp I input? Is the Cura a better choice for slicing? I’ve been printing since my oneup from Kickstarter and these problems have kept it from mass acceptance. Plus I’m an idiot.

Thanks and I’m sorry if I’m asking stupid questions.

Temps are about what I use for PETG. Looks like your z-offset is too high, try adjusting it down whilst putting the first layer down, from that image I think about 0.1/0.15mm. Had to do the same thing today on my V3SE, 0.1mm extra after autolevelling to get it to stick. Have to do it on all my printers, autolevel is close but not close enough sometimes. Make sure the buildplate is nice and clean, washing up liquid/water to wash it, thoroughly dry it, wipe with IPA, then print. I tend to print a 3-5 wide skirt round my prints to get the Z-offset dialled in.

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With PETG you might also want to use some glue as a release agent since it really will stick to your build plate and possibly ruin it trying to get it off.

Just the opposite of using PLA.

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Killing me. Moved the model on the plate, went back and sliced them with the 230/70 temps and voila, it still does this…

Did you adjust the Z offset as @Bonfireman mentioned…?

That looks to be the problem… :thinking:

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looks like the Z offset is still too high, it will never stick if it is too high.

I did, right now I’m going back to factory settings, so would the z offset only happen in spots? The first layer seems to hiccup in that spot and ends up dragging filament and before long I get that mess. Are you happy with your KE?

Sorry I have another couple o questions? Is everyone using the cam? It has not stopped any print, even while the whole mess unfolded.

Thanks to everyone that helping me. My first printer was the OneUp from Kickstarter and have used a couple other “beginning the hobby” models and for a moment this seemed to answer everything. Seemed,

Again thanks!

I am happy with my KE, I can leave it unattended now that I have the Z offset just right and the first layer goes right now. Your Z offset is too high, it is barely adhering to the bed anywhere let alone that bit that you point out. Give it a good wash and IPA. Put a skirt around that print, I would make it 5 wide that while it is printing the skirt adjust the Z offset so that you can see the filament is being squished to the bed and not just on the bed. You may need to tweak it a little more when it starts the first layer but it will be closer than it is now.

I have the camera and use it but I’ve not set up any AI autodetect stuff.

Thanks good sir! Have a great Monday!

Have you checked that the X axis is level? Have you run the “Equipment self test”? It sets the Z offset providing the strain gauge is working correctly.My KE is great although I needed to replace the strain gauge under warranty. Error codes 500 and 2401.

It would be nice to find a source for these strain gauges, I have looked on Amazon and AliExpress but so far no joy.

I found these but I don’t know the specifications of the Creality unit

Strain gauge