M0 in 4.2.7 silent board

I’ve made the upgrade of my Ender 3 V1 mother board to the 4.2.7 silent board.
To level the bed I use the CHEP gcode that touches the bed 5 times. After touching the bed, the gcode has a “M0” to pause the print, waiting for user input (press select knob) to go to the next stop.
This gcode was working OK with the original board, but now with the 4.2.7 this gcode touches the bed and goes on, without waiting user input.
What is the code I need to use for this board ?

32 bit boards running Marlin 2.0 does not recognize M0 command. It must be replaced by M25. Besides, instead of only pressing the select knob, the user needs to enter to the menu and select Resume Print.

There is zip file inside the zip file for this