Manage filament to print with dryer

How to manage filament path when using a dryer and runout sensor?
I imagine there must be some kind of adapter to apply to the spool?

Hi @Yngvarr75 and welcome to the forums.

Most people will use some PTFE tubing to guide their filament from a dry box to a printer. This is not always neccessary though, as long as you have a clear run between the dry box and printer you should not need to worry. However, if you do wish to have a guide of some sort PTFE/Bowden tubing will work well :slight_smile:

I’m worried that the filament is at too sharp an angle on the runout sensor. However, I found some solutions on Thingiverse, one of which is the following


Reducing the angle would definitely be a good idea, glad you have found a model that will help with that :slight_smile: