Manual fix z offset on ender 3 v3 se

Hello everyone

I performed several calibrations on my ender 3 v3 if after several prints, because suddenly the first layer began to no longer adhere very well. every time this happens, I wash the plate with dishwasher degreaser, to make sure it’s clean. what leaves me perplexed is the fact that the values detected by the z offset probe are always very distant. once it gives me a value around -2.50 and the next time -1.60. I corrected the leveling of the plate with a sheet of paper manually in some points, and I would like to understand if it is possible to do the same with the z offset. when I set the print head to the home position and manually change the z offset value, it almost seems as if the z axis does not move, and I have the perception of not being able to do the same job with the sheet of paper under the nozzle. Do you have any tips for optimizing the z offset on this printer? A thousand thanks

You can adjust the Z offset manually in the menu Prepare of the display.

Usually after I level manually the bed I go and print a bed level STL(the one that are concentric squares) during the first to layers I adjust the Z offset to get the best result.

Also try to see if in your final Gcode yo have the bed mesh enable after the home option it is:M420 S1
So the printer can use the mesh of your bed and give a better result.

And finally you will get better adhesion if you buy a PEI sheet or a Glass bed try what fits better for you.

but can I use the sheet with manual adjustment, or does the head not move when I change the parameters manually?

I have the impression that it doesn’t move when I manually change the z offset

Follow this video:

You will see during the print how the z offset is affected while you adjust manually. Also remember to store the configuration to preserve it.

the video doesn’t answer my question. you can see the z offset changing manually but without a precise criterion. I can’t make endless test prints in the hope of finding the correct value…in ender 3, you can adjust the z offset with a sheet of paper. here it seems that the height of the extruder does not move…

I had the same problem. The z offset has no effect when the printer is idle. I had to print a bunch of single layer test prints to dial mine in. The auto level program set the z offset too low, and it gouged the bed!