Missing features expected in new firmware for V3 SE

Here’s a post of the features I would have expected to have in a firmware for a 2023 printer. If anyone at Creality monitor this forum, please take into account and tell whoever might be in charge.

  1. Support for linear advance (it’s a simple define in Marlin config, and you’re done).
  2. Support for showing realtime nozzle position (X/Y/Z) at any time on the screen. Common! All other older printer from 2018 had this feature, this is a must have.
  3. Support for M117 gcode, the screen should be able to display a single text line that’s sent in the Gcode. This is absolutely required when the printed is used via its USB port and not its SDCard. Again, it’s a define away when building Marlin.
  4. Support for “HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS” in Marlin build and in the screen itself. That’s the basis to be able to cancel a print from the screen, even if the source is USB. If you don’t support USB, remove the port, save few bucks, but don’t deliver half a working printer. This is also just a define in Marlin configuration.
  5. Ideally, a preview of the model would be welcome to match the good screen. But that’s really required if all the previous point are done and working.

Feel free to add your frustration below if you think I’ve missed important features.

Creality, if you monitor this thread, you’ll notice that delivering your patches to Marlin won’t be enough (even if you are forced by the license to do so), since you also must support the features in your screen FW. If it’s too much work for you, please deliver the source code for the screen module, the community will add this unexcusable missing features.