Multi color prints

i have a couple prints which need a color change. it tells me when to change but how do i count layers and know when to do the swap? i ASSuming i just pause it and do the swap. just not sure how the whole count thing is supposed to work.

also, is there somewhere where i can see upgrades/addons for my 3 v3? are their any such things? ive seen some places selling end that take two filiaments.

hey, thanks for what yall do here for us noobers.

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I have a 3v3SE, and tried with latest version of Orca Slicer the filament change(which adds the M600 GCode) and the printer with the latest firmware:

– pause automatically.
– Goes to the corner.
– Makes some beep sounds to make aware that is the moment to change.
– Retract the filament.
– Then when you put the new one, you hit unpause in the LCD controller and it extrudes the new filament.
– Return to print in the selected layer.

In Orca Slicer to change the filament you can try this YT video:

This is an example of a basic implementation of the above.

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To work out the layer numbers/heights you would usually slice the model in a slicer and then in the preview view you would use the slider down the right side of the screen to scroll through the layers of the print to locate the layer/height where the change needs to be made. Hope that helps.