My printer has stopped printing

Greetings, I am new to the world of 3D printing. I decided to buy the Ender 3 V3 SE. I received the machine, I assembled it, it self-calibrated and everything was going well until it stopped printing. The filament is stuck in the extruder. The curious thing is that the start or test line that prints on the left makes it perfect, but when it starts with the file, the filament does not stick to the bed, but forms a ball in the extruder. I have reset it, I have calibrated it a lot of times, I have changed the filament, I have looked at the extruder… I have reviewed the parameters of the slicer, the temperature of the bed and the extruder… I don’t know what else to do :cold_sweat:

Your Z offset is too high off of the bed so the filament isn’t sticking. Probably have to manual adjust it down in 0.05mm increments until it sticks, takes practice but it is essential bit of printing knowledge to get right or you will have prints not sticking to the bed, birdsnests.


Resolved. Thankyou very much

Excellent news Darkpelusa. Any other issues fire away. I know that it is touted as autoleveling but it isn’t perfect. I tend run my prints with a 3 width skirt so I can check the amount of squish that is being laid down and adjust to suit. Fewer failed prints though they still happen. I now need to find a mentor for my resin printing.

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