Need help with my Ender 3 V3 SE leveling

I’m completely new to the 3D Printing an my Ender 3V3 SE is my first one.
I ran this autoleveling mode and it seems like my printbed is really crooked. I couldn’t find a way to adjust my printing bed… Can someone help me?

I have really big problems when I print in the upper right corner of my printing bed…( I will send a picture of that too) and I think that this crooked bed is the main reason or do anyone have other suggestions?

First of all take the magnetic bed plate off and check the 4 screws securing the plate are fully tightened, however do not over-tighten as I have seen reports of stripped threads.
Secondly follow the Creality tutorial the ensure the Z axis gantry is level, see the link
looking at your mesh, I would not be surprised if the Z axis is out.
Other than that try printing at a slightly higher temp, and increase the bed temp also.
Good luck, and may you soon master the dark art that is 3D printing

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That bed doesn’t look to bad, its within the 2mm band that the printer should cope with.

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Thank you for your help, I will try it today and hopefully I can answer later that my problems are fixed :blush:

Thank you very much! I was able to get much better results! Now I will test if my print will also increase in quality

It looks much better now but if you want to tune it up more you can use printed leveling shims.
My bed was off by 1,1mm and now it is off only by 0,18mm.