Need suggestion how to print this shape

I’m a new user of the Ender 3 v2 printer which I think is a nice beginner printer.

I make my models in FreeCAD and everything is fine, until now.

I have to print out some T and Y shape pipe with thread on the one pipe, see on the picture what I need to print…
I made the 3D model in FreeCAD but I really can’t imagine how to print this shape/model on my 3D printer.

Should I print the part of the T or Y shape in 3 parts and glue them together or ?

Is this really possible to print a objects like this?

Any suggestions I would really appreciate.

I would print with something like 10% supports with the thread pointing upwards.

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Using Creality Print…?

For the T fitting I would try like what @Bonfireman said. Also the opposite way with supports. (Large opening laying on the plate). Try different ways.

The main thing I would look out for is keeping the threaded part away from any supports or you’ll just have to clean them up.

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Thanks for the suggestion.
So, you think this kind of part’s are possible to print on the Ender 3 v2 printer.

I will give a try…

It is printable but I haven’t had much luck in getting threads to work well, that one looks of a size that could run a die over it to sharpen/cleanup the thread.