NEW Ender3v3ke cr touch hitting build plate screws

Just got my new ender 3 v3 ke today and have an issue after running 2nd test.

I printed a 200x200x0.2 cube to see how well it will print, i have to say is almost flawless and am happy but near the end the CR-Touch came in contact with the two rear screws and removed some paint, also it affected the print as seen in the picture.
I could set a limit but this is a new printer and the Cr-Touch sensor seems lower then the printing tip. In the meantime am waiting to hear back from Mainland China.

You could take the screws out, they only locate the PEI sheet, it won’t fall to bits. I locate mine manually but I’ve not had the CR touch touch those screws.

Yeh. Pretty simple fix. Or I could take them out. File them down and put em back.
It’s just talking online to support. They were surprised to hear about it that all and was referred back to China as he said never happened before and shouldn’t.

So I’m interested in hearing what they say.

Was 2 print after Ben by. Super impressed with later consistancy. .