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Hello, i just received the Ender-3 V2 Neo edition printer. My first one and extremely new. I have it all built. Read a bunch of posts and topics and watched a variety of you tube videos. This model has the pc spring steel printing platform. I am attempting to do the base model boat/rabbit. But the printer spits out the PLA filament but just makes a mess. Nozzle temp settings are 200 (tried 220). Bed is set to 60. The end result is just a stringy mess, like its not trying to build anything. If i had to guess, its not sticking to the base but not sure why. Any help at all would be much appreciated.

How well levelled is the bed? It has bed springs in the corners so level each corner with a piece of 80gsm paper. Then use the BL/CR touch to level the centre. Run a calibration grid. Distance of the nozzle to the bed? Try lowering it by 0.05/0.1mm whilst printing, if that is not enough then adjust in 0.05 increments until it does. I recommend using a skirt of 3 wide, you can tune it whilst it is printing the skirt before it does the proper print. Small warning the PC build plate can stick very well and when you do get it working it might destroy the build plate when you remove the print, look to get a PEI plate, you will thank me, unlike the PC plate the PEI will let the print go when it is cold, but you will have to go through the first step every new plate.

awesome, thankyou very much for the info Bonfireman. This unit has the auto level feature. Which I have run multiple times. Even with the auto level, should i still try to manually level? Is it necessary? Watched lots of videos of manual levelling other machines.

I have ordered the Unido: PEI Sheet Flexible PEI Build Plate,Magnetic PEI Spring Steel 235x235MM for Creality Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro/Ender 3 V2/Ender 3 V2 Neo/Ender 3 Neo/Ender 3 S1/Ender 3 S1 Pro/Ender 5/5 Pro 3D Printer(Black). Can you confirm if that is the right one?

235x235 (220x220 is build area but the plate is 235x235) is fairly standard plate for Enders, watch that it doesn’t come with another magnet plate, I have at least 3 spare magnets that I will never use, not always clear on Amazon adverts. IF it is like my Ender 5 plus, I manually level using the bedsprings then let the machine do the Z level to the centre to the paper and then do autolevel, so it is mostly autolevel just needs a bit of fiddling to get the bed level (step 1). Then do a manual adjust running the skirt. I upgraded the bed springs others may use silicone supports (presumably with springs for compliant materials) once set my bed hasn’t needed levelling again since before Christmas, that was only needed because a pleb decided to yank a print off the bed and ruined the settings, let it cool man before lifting the print.

Very much appreciated again. Definitely will follow suit with the instructions. Do you have recommended springs a person should use. Any suggestions on preferred filament? And any suggestions of websites for g files? Do appreciate the info. Hope I’m not asking too much

Creality have upgraded springs, I bought the longest ones and compressed them that little bit more, get those on Amazon with the red metal wheels. My preferred filament is Sunlu PLA, others may disagree. G files? You want the STL files and then make your own Gcode files using your preferred slicer. Load the STL into the Slicer, I am happy using Creality Print, but others will say Cura (much the same really) pick your machine, create Gcode so the printer can read the file (don’t know many machines that will take raw STL files), adjust wall thicknesses/temps/infill and send it to the machine, whether by LAN/Wifi or USB. A lot of playing and learning with these machines. I make my own STL files from the CAD files I make in Inventor, but a free version is Fusion360, there are many more CAD programs. Free STL files I tend to use Thingiverse, but there are many others such as Printables. Not mastered things like Blender or Zcore where you can model more organic models but those also output STL with a bit of work. Hope you have a fun learning experience and not give up at the first hurdle. Enjoy, always here to help and no not asking too much. PS I am a user and not affiliated to Creality, just a random on the internet that uses their machines (and Anycubic and Snapmaker…there will be more if I can clear space in the workshop, I should set up an Etsy account and start selling things)

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