New Set Up on Ender 3 V3 KE

After following the instructions, with self set up complete, using the USB to print from when selected and pressing print, the screen shows a window saying the filament is running out and needs changing, When pressing the change filament button it takes me the retract and extrude page. This unloads the filament and then I replace the filament…and go back to print it then comes up with the previous window again, I cant get past this point to print.

you should have a filament runout sensor on the KE model, you need to feed the filament through this BEFORE it enters the extruder.
If you have done this then there is a fault with the connection between the runout sensor and the motherboard, check the plug on the sensor is fully pushed in.

Yes sadly all that is done, I even checked the connections again that link the sensor and the cable that comes out underneath they are both correct and plugged in properly, Looks like I’ll be sending this one back and getting another, thanks for your help.

The filament sensor is just a trip switch much like the limit switches on the X and Y should be able to take it apart enough to see if the filament trips the switch, might need a little persuasion/bending to get it to trip. Good to keep a couple of spare trip switches in the toolbox, along with a spare heater, thermistor and some spare nozzles.