Newbie mucked up V3 SE settings, I need help!

I cannot get projects to print. Problem is they won’t stick. Everything worked fine with PLA and then I tried PTEG. Short story trying to get it to work I changed settings and made a mess with material sticking to the nozzle and getting dragged around. It was so bad I had to change the nozzle. I went back to PLA and now I can’t get that to work. The picture is my last PLA try. Something odd is that my automatic Z offset is -2.89mm which seems excessive and from what I’ve read and how my print came out it is. The print was supposed to be a rectangular box which is sort of visible. Ultimately I want to reset the printer to the settings it had when it was new but I can’t find a way to do this. Please help!

The auto Z offset is roughly the same as mine. Looks like you need to lower the Z offset a little more to get it to stick to the bed, from the looks an extra 0.1/0.15mm. Print a 3 wide skirt around the box, you should be able to adjust the Z offset while that is printing before you get to the main print. May need a little more offset than that, a little experimenting. I always have to drop mine down a little to get the bead to squish into the bed. If you have the original PC bed it might stick too well once you zone in that levelling. Consider replacing it with PEI, the print will fall off when it gets cold.

Thank you for the quick response. In the interim I had tried using -1.5, -1.0 and -.05 offset with glue on the plate for all of them. None of them worked except I had a big glob on the end of the nozzle with the -0.5. It came right off and extrude function worked normally afterwards. Nozzle temp is 230 and plate is 70. I can lay my hand flat on the plate and the plate is warm but not uncomfortably so. I am sure there is something fundamentally wrong here and I can’t imagine I didn’t cause it but I suppose something in the printer might be bad.

Sounds wrong, I don’t have asbestos fingers, but its definitely hot but handleable for short periods. I am impatient with letting my bed cool so I take off the plate and stand it to cool quicker, so I know how hot it can be. Can you measure your temp? Even at 45°C, PLA should stick if you get the Z offset right.

I tried setting Z offset at -0.75 and it sort of worked. The strings around the piece are what was the skirt and the blob is a second piece it was supposed to print. The plate was too hot for me to hold my hand on when it was done. Something that I need cleared up is that the Z offset is how close the nozzle gets to the plate when extruding and retraction is how far away it gets when it’s moving. I have read that if the retraction is too great the filament won’t stick. I haven’t found where to change this. It also seems that I have to cancel printing in order to make any adjustments. I can confirm pause but the cursor doesn’t move.

It was supposed to be a 3mm thick square. And then an “L” of approximately the same size.

I can’t explain it, I reset configuration for about the 5th time, let it go through it’s routine and now it seems to be working normally. I’m wondering if there isn’t an issue with the motherboard. I will use it without changing material and see if it goes wonky again. BTW, Z offset ended up at 2.60