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Hello All, I am a 3d printing newbie and am looking for a place where I can ask stupid questions and get answers back worded like you are speaking to a child :slight_smile: Well maybe not that bad, but the more I read online, the more confused I am. All the jargon and lingo is confusing.

I have had my K1 Max for a couple month’s with mixed results. I use the Orca Slicer. When printing i try to use the settings that are on the label inside the printer. I have only used PLA ,Hyper and Silk filament. Using the .4 nozzle that came installed.

So here are my newbie questions to start with…

Do I need to clean my nozzle often or do i just wait for there to be an issue?
I struggle with detailed prints. Maybe i am expecting too much from the printer and it isnt capable? For example i tried to print a small hand rail that i want to put on a model i am working on and I tried to print it at 1mm and nothing came out at all. Please dont laugh at me. I do enough of that myself.

I dont want to make this too long to for someone to read so i will stop here but i have more newbie questions crashing around in my head.

Hello @Rick

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Glad you could join the Creality Forum…!Creality

Ask away man… Being a newbie myself (got K1 and K1 Max Sept 2023) I know how it is to be confused… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lots of fun stuff to learn… There are many on this forum who will answer your questions…

I use those settings as a guidline. You’ll have to experiment. For example on the K1 Max settings for Generic PLA it shows 230 Nozzle / 45 Bed. I use mostly Creality filament and settings of 230 nozzle / 60 Bed. Seems to stick better. Your mileage may vary… :slightly_smiling_face:

You most likely have a brass nozzle which will wear quicker than a steel nozzle for example… If you use PLA you shouldn’t have to change nozzles for quite awhile unless it gets clogged or blocked somehow…
Other filaments like wood, carbon, nylon etc are more abrasive and can wear out a brass nozzle quickly. Not sure how long it will last though. Mine has been doing fine for several weeks now… Someone who prints more might have better numbers for you…

I noticed you are using Orca slicer. Nothing wrong with it just I’m not familiar with it… I use Creality Print which for me is ok… I think it’s more simplified for a beginner You might want to look at it and see if it works for you.

If you mean 1mm layer height…? Try a .20 mm layer height to start.

Thank you for the reply!

It is exciting to learn something new but there is a lot to learn.

on the rail printing, I meant that i tried to print a round tube with a 1mm diameter and no filament even came out. Maybe that is way too small? When I tried to include this rail printing on the model itself, that part messed up. Thought i would try it by itself.

My wife bought me a dryer when i got the printer. i didnt know what it was at the time so I havent used it. Is it important?

That might be a little too small. Are you able to print other models like a benchy or a test cube to make sure everything is ok…?

A dryer…? As in filament dryer…?

Filament Dryer Example

Yes, sorry, a filament dryer.

Printing a 1mm diameter part with a 0.4 nozzle is really pushing it, it is just under 3x nozzle width, I would try with a 0.1mm layer height. I’d investigate a 0.2 nozzle (not sure if a K1 can use those) will lay down more filament for the given area. As for the dryer I keep the current filament roll in that and will run it for a couple of hours at 55°C before printing to make sure the filament is dry. All 4 of my printers have dryers and I print directly from the dryer, though that isn’t a necessity, just have to orient the roll correctly (filament over or under). I chuck a couple of bags of silica gel in the bottom of the dryer for when it is turned off, you can safely leave them there when it is heating.

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Ha Ha… Sounds like your wife knows something about 3D printing…

What @Bonfireman said…!

The filament dryer is used dry out filaments when they become “wet” from being in a humid environment. Check the humidity in your printing room.

For storage you can use vacume bags and a vacume made to pull the air out like these. It won’t dry the filament out but keep it from getting wet.
Vacume bags w vacume.

There are many different types. That’s just an example we use… :smiley:

How about using a 1mm nozzle, raise the extruder to longer than you need. Extrude the filament and cut to size? Thinking outside the box a little.

Thanks! I will put that dryer to use and see if it helps. I have it and it sounds like it may help some. I do believe i have a .2 nozzle i could try. thanks for that suggestion. Likely, i am expecting too much for something that small.

She knows nothing! :slight_smile: But i will hear an “I told you so” when i start using it. I do keep my other filament in the bags you suggested. I dont think i have high humidity but maybe so.

Do a search and watch a video on how to properly change that nozzle. I heard of too many people cracking the parts, not heating it up or only using one wrench…

I like thinking outside the box! What do you mean when you say “raise the extruder to longer than you need”?

I def will watch youtube for that. I did have a clog a few weeks back and was able to take it apart and clear it but i had to have a video for that for sure.

I meant raise the extruder above the bed, if you need 100mm length then raise it 150mm, extrude the filament and cut to length. Only problem is keeping it straight, presumably you want it straight? Strictly speaking this isn’t printing but possibly an answer to the problem, you could bend it to shape with a gentle bit of localised heat.

awwww, I understand what you are saying. I will try that. Thats a great idea.

my personal advice is to use Creality Print for slicing. At the begginnig of every print the nozzle will be cleaned by the printer itself.
To print use for every type of PLA filament the High Speed setting. Nowadays almost all labels’ filaments support it.
You will have extraordinary printings.
Watch pictures at Instagram @stefanogallariniofficial ; all of them are printed in this way.
Let me know. Have fun!

Thanks Stefanogalla, Obviously when I bought my K1 Max I installed the Creality Slicer, I dont remember why I started using Orca. Probably read something somewhere and tried it. I will def go back to Creality and see if it makes a difference. I dont have an Instagram account but i will see if i can look at some of your prints.

Just FYI:

Creality Print and Creality Slicer 4.8.2 are two different programs…

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oh, I will have to read up on the differences. I assume what i downloaded with the printer was the slicer program. I am not where I can look.