No steps/mm settings available?

So, I have been trying to improve the dimensional accuracy of my prints lately. I did the different calibration prints and I got the measurements with my calipers and also did the math for the best settings, but the Ender 3 v3 ke has nowhere to input this new steps/mm just like any other older Ender 3. I know it has its own auto calibrate thing going on, but is there no way to make fine adjustments? It’s the same problem with E steps. On the G code the E steps is set to 0 (reset) so i dont understand how to calibrate it from there. Im printing a 100mm x 100mm x 100mm calibration piece and I get negative .20mm on X and negative .40mm on Y. It should be easy to adjust for, but I just don’t find where to put the adjustments in.

Hi @José_RM and welcome to the forums.

The KE is a klipper based machine so does not operate in the same way as the traditional Ender 3 machines when it comes to configuration. The klipper based machines rely on a rotation distance instead of esteps values. If you have rooted your printer then you should easily be able to adjust the values in the printer configuration files. If you have not rooted and are running stock firmware then you would usually do flow rate tests within a slicer and then adjust the flow ratio as required within the slicer settings so that every print from there on uses the new settings.

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Thank you for your answer. I’m new to 3D printing so I’m trying to learn all nooks and crannies. I didn’t know about this klipper methos so I will look more into it. I think I can root the printer but I dont know how to acces the configuration files so I will look into that as well. I know adjusting the flow rate helps with print quality. Is flow rate the amount of material that the printer extrudes per a certain amount of travel? Will adjusting flow rate help improving x y and z dimensional acurracy? Thank you so much for your support I really appreciate it.

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

On the older Ender 3 printers Marlin based firmware was used and generally the configuration files are hidden away and adjustments are made via the settings on the printer control panel.

On the KE which uses Klipper based firmware the configuration files are not hidden away as such and are usually a lot easier to edit than on a Marlin based machine.

If you root your printer you will have access to the configuration files and be able to make modifications to them. Generally this is not usually required as most of the adjustments can be made from within the slicer software.

Yes by tuning the flow rate you will get a lot cleaner prints with higher accuracy as the printer will be dispensing the exact amount of filament needed reducing the risk of wider walls or bulging corners. You can do a lot of the calibrations from within the Creality Print slicer but I would also recommend trying out OrcaSlicer as it has a few more variables and settings that you can adjust along with the calibration tests to tune your printer.

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