Not Enough Clearance For Prints, Hot End Leaning

I got a Direct Drive Extruder for the Ender 3 V2 NEO and when I installed it, the hotend was leaning and I can seems to fix the leaning. Because the hotend is leaning there is not enough clearance for prints right now. When I tried to print a Config Cube the edge of the hotend was being dragged around on the top of the print. There is also this white powder like substance on the wheels for the hotend. I got the Neo version of the direct drive, and a Sonic pad. I have a duo Z axis coming in tomorrow. If that Helps Thanks :slight_smile:

I wiped off the powder like substance on the wheels so I could not get a picture of it.

I would recommend checking that the rollers on the printhead bracket are not lose and that your belts are not loose. If the printhead can be wobbled then try tightening the eccentric nuts to remove the wobble.

I Finally Got it. I had the wrong Spacers between the wheels and the bracket to hold the direct drive. But now my printer keeps on jamming and i dont know how to fix it.

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Glad you managed to fix the wheels and spacers.

In terms of the jamming… I would recommend running some of the calibration tests in Creality Print slicer to make sure your flow rate isnt too high or too low.

It Seems to be fixed now but im that that sure. I unscrew the coupler and put the tube into the coupler when it was screwed in one turn and then screwed the coupler in all the way. For flow I went to my sonic pad and turned the settings for extruder to Spire Extruder as I have a Direct Drive. And now it seems to be working fine. I have only printed one thing so far so we will see if that works or not.

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Glad to hear everything is coming together and starting to work as it should :slight_smile: