Nozzle smashing through infill

i must have changed a wrong setting somewhere. Both my V3 SE and KE are now crunching through infill layers. I have Z hop set but it keeps smashing the nozzle through the infill. What could I have changed?

Maybe the flow settings or the Z…? Something changed… :thinking:

Higher expansion rate on infill? It doesn’t collide with other features just infill.

Slack wheels and belts? Answering myself. I shall answer in the morning as it is 00:11 here in the UK.

Trying gyroid infill instead of triangles, seems to be working

Ahhhhh set the print to do 2 items rather than one, Creality print decided to change from gyroid to squares just because I changed from 0.1 to 0.2 build thickness…darned software needs rewriting.

Seems to have a mind of its own out there… :eyes: