Nozzles for an Ender V3 KE

Can I use these on a V3 KE?!USD!US%20%245.69!US%20%241.88!!!!!%402140c8b617051550360532347d7d2c!12000035231871148!edm!!&edm_click_module=alg_product_3_3397247700&creative_img_ind=8&**COWS_71631_$fecbdff982a04536a3dfc55af65b1ab3&ck=in_edm_other

No they are for another printer

The KE should be using the same nozzles as the K1 and K1 Max printers which is the volcano style nozzle. These nozzles should fit your KE…

K1 High Flow Nozzle Kit

Cheers, ordered from the UK store (where I am) and for the same price (less coz of exchange rate) you get 8 nozzles which is a nice bonus.

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