Oh Dear, what a mess

I’ve got a big job ahead of me here. Been working great for quite a few prints then it looks like it came off the bed and now pumped metres of filament into the hotend. Hopefully it’s salvageable…

I’ve had that happen a couple of times. First time was just a lot of cleanup. Second time there was enough material that the heater wires were covered and had to be cut necessitating a new heater. I now keep a spare just in case. Looks like you might get lucky, fingers crossed.

Thanks Bonfireman. Yeah it’s everywhere and have managed to get most of it out by carefully heating with a hot air gun and trying to peel off. Sadly it looks like the silicone sock is pretty stuffed. Still working on it but might look to get a replacement. It’s only a couple of months old and has done a few dozen prints already without issue so not sure why this one struggled although it was using a fair bit of the build plate so maybe should have done another calibration first to make sure there weren’t issues at the edges.
I can’t seem to find any KE hotends anywhere. Where did you get yours from?

I think the K1 max hotend is a match. (The original printer I was talking about was my Ender 5+ not my KE, sorry for being a bit misleading there)

Just an FYI, apparently the wires on the K1 hotends are shorter than the ones on the KE so you may find that you will have difficulty when it comes to connecting a K1 type hotend to the KE printhead.

Thanks Nikoli. I’m still trying to track one down. Did chat to Creality who said they’d ship one out, but yet to see any confirmation of that so not confident. At the moment it appears to be working OK although the silicone sock is split from all the excess filament so will just press on until I can get a spare. Cheers

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You’re welcome, support will get back to you eventually, they have been really backlogged lately and the warehouses are trying to play catch up since the Christmas break so some replacement parts are taking longer to dispatch/ship than normal. Hopefully you get the parts soon!

I have to give full creds to Creality guys. New print head arrived a couple of weeks back, although the other one is still going after I managed to get the blob out.

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I had the same issue, thankfully Creality sent out a replacement hotend. For some reason the Z-offset after calibration is a bit high, and was causing constant first layer fails. Setting it down one step makes prints always stick. BTW, thank you so much for your KE profile, it’s great :smiley:

Might be getting one of these as a spare hotend. FlowTech™ Hotend for Creality Ender 3 V3 KE — Micro Swiss Online Store