Opinions on this Z test please

I’ve just receive a replacement for a KE with bad bed heating. The new one is consistent across the plate +/- at the very edges. When I set it up the first test I did was a Z calibration test. It came out near perfect. Every print I made until today came out perfect, with perfect 1st layers. About 10-12 prints of varying sizes.

Today I went to print a 2" circular hollow box and the first layer in the center of the bed had a hard time. Nothing changed at all. Didn’t move the bed…

I tested the bed temp with a infrared thermometer and it was +/- 1° at the near edges. Below is the test I ran after another auto bed/Z calibration.

How does that look to you? I’m seeing spots where it looks like I need to lower the nozzle slightly? Thoughts?

First layer looks fine, if anything those patches could have been caused by a spec of dust or debris or a small patch of grease.

Thank you. I ended up lowering the z -.02 to get a bit better adhesion and it also smoothed the layer out a bit.

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You’re welcome, thats great news glad you were able to find a good offset :slight_smile: