Overall startup failure and Error Key 2000 - Ender 3 V3 KE

Ladies and gentlemen

The communication on the release of this item:

“Yes. Filament runout sensor is optional on these and is not required to function at all” - this being the final message. This occurred after… “feeling the wires and the filament runout wire was very hot…unplugged it and booted it up”

This means, removing the filament runout sensor allowed the system to bootup?? To be clear, removing the filament runout sensor, which is not required at all on these units… caused the display/ MB connection to… function and boot?? My limited brain capacity is reaching a plateau…

Where there was no power or data communication at all going to the display…there is now power and data going to the display…after unplugging a filament runout sensor??

The prior steps in this sequence were

  1. Turn on power
  2. No display power
    *Insert new step
  3. Unplug filament sensor wire
  4. Boots up

*Insert new step
1)Power on machine
2)…The unit now functions…

Genuinely, it doesn’t sound “disingenuine”…it does sound to be lacking “information augmented by evidence”

I’m here to learn and engage…but the knowledge passed… requires information that is presentable. Can this committee comment further?



If it was getting hot then it’s shorted to ground. A short to ground will make things get hot and will cause various other issues. Check for continuity in the wires pin to pin to see if the cable has been caught up somewhere causing damage.