"Pause At Height" in Cura with an Ender 3V2 Neo

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to use the “Pause At Height” function in Cura with an Ender 3V2 Neo printer to print in multiple colors.
I tried changing the parameters at Pause At (Layer, Height), Method (M0, M25) as shown in the picture.
But i always get the same result, that is after resuming, the nozzle always starts at a higher position than the end point before pausing (About 5cm).
Can 3V2 Neo use this function?
If so, please tell me how to fix it. Or is there another way i can print multiple colors with Neo?
Thanks a lot!

Try filament change in cura it issues an m600

Brand new at any kind of gcode editing so try not to laugh. :laughing:

I added this in and uploaded to K1 Max. It basically ignored it…
Maybe syntax is wrong…?


Ah the k1 sports klipper. That doesn’t support M600 out of the box and can’t remember if they put it in the base firmware.

Pop this in your printer.cfg

[gcode_macro M600]
description: M600 Colour Change
{% set X = params.X|default(50)|float %}
{% set Y = params.Y|default(0)|float %}
{% set Z = params.Z|default(10)|float %}
G1 E-.8 F2700
G1 Z{Z}
G1 X{X} Y{Y} F3000
G1 E-50 F1000

So not sure where to find the Printer.cfg…
I use Creality Print…

Usually through a web interface. Not sure on the k1 as my wife would kill me if I spent that much on a new printer when I have 3 lol

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