PLA breaking during print

Just had the PLA snap off near the end of a print for a large model I was doing. Second time this has happened now which is very annoying and a waste of PLA and time. I’m using the proper Creality Hyper PLA that came with the printer and not a cheap alternative so I don’t know what the problem is. Has anyone else had this issue and does anyone have an advice?

Its normally filament that has soaked up water that causes breakage like that. Try a filament dryer unit and print directly from that.

Or, the filament has just gone brittle for some reason. I had a few older rolls like that. You can fold one end over and see how easily it snaps compared to known good filament. What works for me is to just use the build plate as a filament dryer. Set the temp 45 degrees or so and leave it to dry for a day or so.